Refunds Ordered for Utility Customers Gouged by Unpopular Environmentalist Energy Plan

Written by Tom Steward on .

puc photo stockThousands of CenterPoint Energy ratepayers will receive refunds after being overcharged on their heating bills under an experimental natural gas pricing system unveiled in 2010 by Minnesota environmental groups and state regulators.  The politically correct pricing program--designed to penalize ratepayers for using more than a pre-determined allotment of natural gas--was the focus of an April 2011 Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFM) investigation.

Ramsey County Judge Strikes Down Dayton’s Unionization

Written by Evan Paskach on .

courthouse stockA Ramsey County District Court judge issued a ruling on Friday saying that the executive order issued by Gov. Mark Dayton last year authorizing an election of state child care providers is “null and void.”

According to Judge Dale Lindman, Gov. Dayton exceeded his authority because the order was an “unconstitutional usurpation of the Legislature's constitutional right to create and or amend laws” and violated the Separation of Powers doctrine.

Senate passes voter ID constitutional amendment, now headed to voters

Written by Evan Paskach on .

voter stockOn November 6, Minnesotans will have a chance to vote on a constitutional amendment that would require citizens to show photo identification when casting their ballot.

The Senate passed the bill (HF 2738*/SF 1577) on Wednesday afternoon by a 35-29 margin following passage in the Minnesota House of Representatives early this morning.  The bill passed the House with 72 votes in favor, 57 opposed.

Romney outspends Santorum 4 to 1 in WI on ads, voter outreach |

Written by Wisconsin Reporter on .

madison wisconsinBy Kirsten Adshead | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON — GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney ran like a front-runner in Wisconsin, and he spent accordingly leading up to Tuesday’s Badger State primary.

Romney and his supporters outspent fellow candidate Rick Santorum nearly 4 to 1 on TV ads in Wisconsin, said Marquette University political scientist Amber Wichowsky, who specializes in campaign finance issues.

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