Dayton asks Minnesotans to request a vote from legislature - VIDEO

Written by Evan Paskach on .

Dayton with Bakk and ThissenFollowing his Tuesday afternoon press conference with DFL legislative leaders and Minneapolis Mayor R.T.Rybak, Gov. Mark Dayton’s office released a video with a request to the general public: Call your legislators and tell them to vote on the Vikings stadium proposal on the table.

“I would ask Minnesotans to call their legislators and say, ‘Quit fooling around,’ “ said Dayton. “This is not about politics for November, and it’s not about your jobs for November. Its about our jobs, its about our future, its about our team.”

Gov. Dayton called the press conference to respond to a new stadium proposal for building a roofless Vikings stadium that could be added to a bonding bill. The new proposal was reportedly offered by the GOP and supported by the Vikings. Spokesmen for the Vikings have since backed away from supporting this proposal.

Late Tuesday, the governor and other DFL leaders objected to the idea of a new stadium proposal while an agreement already in place awaits a  final vote from both the House and Senate.

This video was released by the Governor’s office and can be found on

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